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"I am Never Losing Another Job!"

by Karen Goodale

Watkins Ind. Manager 138048
Watkins Product & Business Information:


I was very flattered when asked to share my personal success story with the Watkins Company on, and I hope that my story will help others that have been looking for a way out of a "regular job" with their own home business.


I'd never forget the day that Kathy approached me on that rainy April morning. The office had been buzzing with rumors about the company closing down but nobody seems to know anything concrete. Kathy, with her penchant for cutting it short and sharp, simply said two words, "It's confirmed."

That was in April of 1998. It was my third job loss in 15 years. Needless to say, I was devastated. I knew I would need to find a new "job" to make ends meet. But I didn't want to lose yet another job.

I had also started thinking more about what my life would be like when I was ready to retire in the future, since I'd never had a job with a company that offered a pension plan, or retirement benefits.

It was then that I made a decision to start looking for a home business that would eventually give me more control over my income, and to make my "own" job security.

I had been a "hobby" candle maker for several years, and my first idea was to try expanding it into a small business.

I rented a space at a crafter's mall and had a fairly good eight months there until the crafter's mall suddenly went bankrupt, and I had to move out! I was discouraged, but still not ready to give up, so I designed a web site at to sell my candles online.

The online competition was tough, but I was able to build a small retail customer base, and several wholesale accounts. I made candles during the summer, even when it was 90 degrees, to be ready for the local fall/holiday craft shows, and did the Farmer's Market during the summer, even though very few people wanted to buy candles in hot weather. I had to add more and more "new" things to keep up with the competition, but all I really ended up doing was spending more... and making less!

It took me a while but I finally had to accept that my candle business was not ever going to "make" me any real money, and I would be lucky to just break even down the road.

I went online searching for a business opportunity I could work at part-time, while still making a valiant attempt to turn around my candle business.

From what seemed like "millions" of business opportunities, I happened upon a web site that belonged to an Independent Associate with the Watkins Company, and emailed him for more information. I had been using Watkins products for a number of years, and simply loved them!

What I learned about the Watkins business opportunity itself impressed me just as much as the products had, and I didn't even look at any other opportunities. I just knew that Watkins was the one for me! I learned that Watkins is ranked among the top ten home-based businesses in North America by Business Startups Magazine, Success Magazine, and Executive Female Magazine.

When I started my Watkins business I was mainly interested in doing online marketing, since I was working a full-time job, plus still struggling with my failing candle business.

It wasn't easy at the beginning. I spent many sleepless nights working on online, doing advertising to build a customer base, answering emails, phone calls and helping other new Watkins Associates getting started with their own businesses.

I also started a Watkins E-zine newsletter including monthly recipes, product specials and monthly contest with now over 700 subscribers.

In less than 2 years I had reached Manager level with Watkins. Although I would like to take credit for my success, much of the credit must go to Watkins itself - a company with a 135-year history, and a solid reputation for quality.

In January 2003 I earned an all-expense paid vacation to Ireland with Watkins, and in July 2003 reached Bronze Manager level with the company. I am finally making more with Watkins that I make at my job, and look forward to finally quitting my "day job" in 2004 to work Watkins full-time. After 5 1/2 years I love the products, and the business even more than when I started! I can't tell you how great it feels have some "control" over my own future!


Though Watkins won't be the "right" business for everyone, I hope that my story will at least encourage others that are looking into starting an online, or home based business to know it is very possible to be successful at it!

My best advice on being successful in whatever business you choose is:

#1 -- If you have a craft hobby, and want to turn that craft/hobby into a business, I would do as much research and business planning as possible on how you will market your products, advertising costs, time required, etc. A hobby that has low cost supplies and is something that would be popular any time of year could make wonderful products for a business.

#2 -- If you decide to go with an established company, and market their products, choose a company that has a solid reputation by doing some research first. Choose a company whose products you will buy yourself. If you wouldn't buy the products you sell, you can't expect others to either! Besides, using the products you offer gives you the "first hand experience" with the products, and you will be much more comfortable in recommending them to your customers.

#3 -- Once you choose your business... just don't give up! Many people start a business, and expect to make a "complete living" at it in just a few months. This just isn't going to happen... but if you can learn to appreciate every little bit of extra income you earn in the early months. If you earn $25 the first month... why not add this to a mortgage payment, or pay an extra $25 dollars on a credit card bill, or even save for your next vacation! As you continue to work on your business you will be amazed at how it will grow for you over several years!



Karen Goodale is a manager with Watkins. She is looking forward to quitting her day job and working with Watkins fulltime.

For more information on Watkins products, or the business opportunity, please visit her site at:


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