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Seven Ways to make your Ezine subscriber database "explode"

by Mayer Juergen


Well one year ago people kept telling me, that owning an opt-in list is an important step towards making money online, and after one year building my own list with almost 3000 unique members, selling my products with every single issue, I must say those people were right.

Once you have a list of decent size and of course a high quality ezine, you can make money through selling advertising space, through affiliate links or by selling your own products. But getting enough "high quality" visitors to join your ezine is actually the hard part, and many editors have stopped their ezines, because they were not able to get even 500 subscribers.

During the last 12 month I have tried a lot of different techniques to increase my subscriber database, and like all things in life, some were good while others were ... well not so good. To make things easier for you I am going to show you, 7 ways to build your list quickly and easily.

1. Every Ezine needs its home

I think that every ezine should have its own website, where people can read older issues, where they can get a feeling about your newsletter and about the topics you write. This one should go without saying, but many editors aren`t still doing it: You need to give every visitor the opportunity to subscribe to your list from every page of your site. Just look at my marketing and promotion portal located at and you will see that visitors can join my newsletter from every single page.

2. Give people something for free when subscribing

Many Web surfers are still like little kids, you have to give them something for free and they will start liking you. People will start to feel happy when they get some kind of benefit, and they will tell their friends and this is a good start for your ezine.

Free popular Ebooks or Email Courses or even advertising space in your ezine are very good freebies, to get that much desired new member.

3. Create a Signature File with your Ezine

I am sending out dozens of emails every single day, so it is obviously a very good idea to include a signature file on every email you send out, which contains an ad for your ezine and the bonus ebook you get just for signing up.

This ad should make people join your list and not buy your products, because first you have to build a relationship with them, and then you can start selling your products.

4. Submit it to all Ezine Listings

Meanwhile there are hundreds of places where editors can list their newsletters. To make things easier for you, we have collected dozens of directories where new ezines can be promoted (just visit our resource section at

Another very good tactic is to spy on your competitors and to find all of the sites linking them. This can be done by using the link finder at .Then go and submit your website to the same directories.(that's mean I know)

5. Trade Ads with other Ezines

Once you have a decent number of subscribers, it might be a clever tactic to start trading ads with other publishers. You could create a recommended ezine section and start trading with other publishers as often as possible. "Quid pro Quo" you publish their ad in your ezine, and they will do the same for you.

6. The welcome message Joint Venture

This is one of the best ways to increase your subscriber database, you just have to find up to five ezine publishers and start a welcome message Joint Venture with them.

The basic idea of this strategy is very easy, because after someone subscribes to your ezine, you should ask him if he would like to subscribe to your partner's ezine (give them the name, a subscription link, and a short description)

If you get 10 new subscribers a day from your site, five publishers teamed up could be doing 50 new subscribers for your ezine a day.

7. Use windows and pop ups for collecting new members

Many people do not like pop up windows but it is a proven fact that they will almost triple your subscription rates. Basically you can pick up a Java Script that will run a pop up box on your site.

Mayer Juergen, a 4 year veteran of Internet marketing and website promotion, and owner of the Projectmiles Marketing and Promotion Portal, will show you all the steps necessary to increase your online sales.

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