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Link Partnerships

I am looking for link partnerships that can help promote and enhance the value of our sites. What I'm not looking for is the old style type of link exchange which has the sole purpose of boosting a site's ranking in Google (which, I understand, actually incurs a penalty these days), and is not good for anything else. That would include, in my opinion, what is normally termed 3-way link exchanges.

What I am looking for are link partnerships that increases the amount of valuable content on our sites and ultimately, bring the best benefit for our web visitors. This type of link partnerships can take many forms, so I would suggest that you, gentle Webmaster, browse my site and see how we can mutually benefit each other.

You might also want to look at some of my ideas (see below) and if you think we can collaborate, feel free to send me an email.


Brandable Ebook Directory

I have got a brandable ebook directory that can offer many opportunities for partnerships:

  • You can simply download the ebooks and rebrand them to your link. This way, you get a free ebook with your link and I get free advertising.

  • If you are good at graphics, you can do some simple illustrations, or design an ebook cover, and I can give you a free mention inside the ebook.

  • If you have some content that can enhance and expand on what it says in the ebook, you can offer it up and we may be able to come to a good arrangement.

  • If you have a product or service you want to promote, and it goes with the content of the ebook, we might be able to come to a suitable arrangement.

Or, if you have written an ebook and would like to make it brandable, I can always list it in the directory as well.



I think there is still value in article marketing. So, if you have a well-written unique article, I might be interested in placing it on my site.


Products and Tools

If you have a unique product or tool suitable for the content of this site, we might be able to come to an arrangement.


Normal Link Exchange

If you are just interested in just a normal link exchange, I can offer the section titled "Partners" at the bottom left of every page. This section will list 5 websites. These 5 sites are dynamically generated from a list of sites. Each time a page a loaded, the 5 sites to be displayed will be generated anew.

You can view the list of sites currently in the database here.


In Conclusion

I suspect that 99% of all webmasters clicking through to this page never make it to this paragraph since what I have suggested in the preceding paragraphs sounds like a lot of time and effort and many are just interested in increasing traffic to their sites without too much concern about the value they offer to their visitor. If you are in the minority and are interested in the value your site offers, send me an email and let's keep in touch. Even if you have no ideas on how we can cooperate right now, I'm sure we can find ways to work to our mutual benefit and that of our visitors.


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