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Ebooks are a great way to promote your company, your website or even yourself on the Internet. Ebooks are routinely given away to entice customers or web visitors to subscribe to mailing lists, to buy products or to give up their email addresses.

Don't you think that it would be great if you can entice other people and other webmasters to give away your ebook as well? Sounds like a great idea, right? But with all great ideas, it has a minor flaw.

How do you get them to give away your ebook? I'm sure that it's the greatest ebook in the world, but still, why should they help you to give away your ebook?

That's where the ViralPDF comes in. The ViralPDF is an ebook brander for ebooks written in the PDF format.

With the ViralPDF, your users can take your ebook, include some of their own details inside the ebook and give away the changed or branded ebook. That way, your user will have an incentice to give away your ebook since they are promoting their site or service as well. You will, of course, have complete control over how and which part of your ebook can be branded.

Ideas of how this can work for you and your users are many and varied and are limited only by your ingenuity. One common way is to set aside a small area on the front page that can be branded with a clickable link to your user's website. If you like, you can even allow your users to put in a short description of their website.

If this sounds good to you, you might like to visit the ViralPDF site. Or, you can visit my brandable directory to find out how I am using the ebook brander.




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