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Ezines and Newsletters

Ezines are great vehicles for advertising your site or service.

The cost of advertising is usually dependent on the number of subscribers. There are some which will send out one free ad for you when you first subscribe. And there are others that will send out a solo mailing for a little more money.

But first things first.

Figure out which ezines your target audience would be lurking in. You may like to subscribe to your targetted ezines first to get a better feel for the ezine, or check out their back issues.

Once you have your list, you should test out your ad copy on one or two of the smaller ezines. If you get a satisfactory response rate, then you can continue with the rest of your list. If not, go back, edit your copy, and try again.

Don't forget to track your ads. Response rates between different ezines can vary drastically and you can save a lot of money by advertising only in ezines with better response.


Directory of ezines:

Ezine Directory
Jogena's Ezine Directory
The Ezine Directory
The Free Directory of Ezines

PS There are thousands of ezines listed in the directories above. If that is still not enough, just go to your favorite search engine and type in "ezine directory".




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