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Starting an online business from scratch is a big undertaking. If you had tried it, especially if it was the first time that you were trying, I suspect many of you felt like giving up. For many businesses, a website is no longer just a bunch of simple static HTML pages. Each page might be dynamically generated, requiring some form of content management and database access. Content would have to be created, along with the layout of the website.

And that's just your website. There are still many important aspects of your business like the products, suppliers, promotion, expenses, ... you get the picture. It is no wonder that many fall by the wayside.

But, there are websites that can be considered a simple turnkey online business. You sign up, and simply start promoting. Most of these sites would probably allow you to sign up and use their services for free. However, a monthly or one time payment would unlock features that would make you more profitable.

Such sites are great if you are looking to start an online business. It allows you to get your feet wet with practically no effort, gives you an idea of what a home-based business can be, and make a little bit of money at the same time.

Before I introduce the sites, there are some limitations of such online business sites that you should be aware of:

  • Product. You would probably have to go with the products offered by the online business site. Typically, such sites would offer products related to online businesses, business opportunities and making money online. So, if you want an online business relating to animals, you are out of luck.

  • Flexibility and Control. While you can suggest features to be added or deleted, essentially you have no control over the website, its coding or products. In other words, you have no control over your own online business, However, if you are only interested in promoting your business, and making money from the sale of products, this will usually not be a big issue.

  • Domain Name. The domain name of the business does not belong to you but to the owner of the online business website. If the owner of the website should decide to stop the business and give up the domain name, you would be left high and dry. Your whole business centers around the online business site's domain name, and without the domain name, you have no business.

The above issues are probably not of much concern to you when you are just starting out. Businesses with these sites are very easy to start and can serve as a great stepping stone towards your own home-based business. But, as time passes and you learn the ropes and start getting things right, the money can start getting interesting. And that will be the time to start looking at the above issues more seriously, and taking the appropriate steps to safeguard your income.



ClixSense is a PTC or paid-to-click website that pays its members to click on ads, complete surveys, play games, install apps and perform simple tasks.

It also has an affiliate program in which you are paid to refer members, and also paid for the activity of the members that you referred.

If you become a Premium member, which will cost you $17 per year, you will be paid 10% commission on the earnings of your referrals instead of the 5% that a free member gets. And you will get $1 for every member in your second to eighth level that upgrades to a Premium member.

More details on ClixSense, the ClixSense affiliate program and using ClixSense as the basis of a simple home business, can be found in the ClixSense as an Internet Business ebook.


Instant $queeze Pages Generator

The Instant $queeze Pages Generator is a service that takes that hard work out of designing splash or squeeze pages. All you need to do is to choose your template from dozens available, choose the graphics, input your text and you would have created your splash page.

The Instant $queeze Pages Generator also provides a selection of bonuses that you can choose from to entice your visitors to sign up. For the paid membership, your links can be included in the bonuses given out for additional traffic.

The pages generated can be stored on the domain, or you can download the HTML to be posted to your own website. Some of the pages are designed to capture names and email addresses, so you will need an autoresponder code for those pages.

The Instant $queeze Pages Generator can also be run as a simple online business. You can profit in the following ways:

  • When someone signs up with you as their referrer, you will earn if they upgrade. (60% if you are a paid member and 30% if you are not.)

  • Even if your referrals remain free members, the free bonuses that they give away will have your links on them if you have the paid membership.

  • You get 100% commission on the upsells if you are a paid member.

If you are interested in just generating splash pages, then the free membership would be sufficient but if you are considering running it as a business, then you should consider the paid membership for its enhanced features. It is $4.97 per month, $49.70 for a year or $149.70 for a lifetime membership.


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