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Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges, also called hit, start page or surf exchanges, are sites in which members browse other memer's sites in exchange for visits to their own site. Visits would typically last 15 sec to 30 sec, after which the person browsing can click to load the next site. Many sites would introduce features to ensure that the person browsing is an actual human and that the same site is not shown to the same person in a certain time frame, usually 24 hours.

A member of a traffic exchange would be very interested in getting someone to visit their site but much less interested in the other member's sites..Many traffic exchanges now offer a cash reward for surfing, which further gives an incentive for a member to surf as much as possible, paying little attention to the sites that he is surfing.

Traffic exchanges have been labelled as a waste of bandwidth and a total waste of time. But, with the correct mindset and a little experimentation, marketing to the traffic exchange crowd might not be a total loss. The following are some ideas that you may like to try or think about:

  • Traffic exchange members are interested in traffic, so any product related to traffic, like buying or selling of traffic should be do well.
  • There are many webmasters among the members, so products related to search engine optimization (SEO), web hosting, Internet marketing and advertising should find a ready audience.
  • You only have just a tiny amount of time to capture the traffic exchange surfer's attention, so it might be a good idea to prepare a splash or squeeze page rather than direct them to your main website. The splash or squeeze page would normally be designed to arouse their curiosity or interest in your offering, and get them to clickthrough to your site or to capture their email address.
  • The use of audio and/or video on your splash page might increase your conversion ratio.
  • Spend a little time looking at the websites promoted in the traffic exchanges. It gives you an idea of the character and interests of the traffic exchange surfer, allowing you to market more effectively to him.

There are literally thousands of traffic exchanges on the web right now. I have listed a small selection of the better and more popular exchanges below.


Name of Program
EasyHits4U 1:1 10,5,3,2,1 One of the few exchanges offering a 1:1 ratio. You get paid cash for referrals and surfing too.
TrafficG 1:2 10,10,10,10,10 One of the older exchanges offering geo-targeting and 48-hour unique hits.
VastHits 4:3 12,8,5 Earn $0.10 for every active referral and $0.30 for every 1000 pages surfed.
WebmasterQuest 1:2 10,5,2,1,1 An exchange that seems absolutely paranoid about cheating. Good for us surfers.


For those power users of start page programs, I have developed a small javascript start page rotator.

Just copy everything in the message box below into a text editor, don't forget to change the start page url to reflect YOUR ID, and save it as a html file.  Copy the html file into your website.  And remember to point the home page of your browser to the html file.




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